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Serial :: Killer.

... and I'm haunting you.

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Hello! I am Aurora and I am a 16 years old girl from the Netherlands. This is my personal journal and almost everything is in Dutch! Sometimes I write something in English, but the most is in Dutch. Please comment to be added <3!. If you're English you can add me too, I will try to post more in English! ;)

I love much things, you will find it all out when you know me :) Oh, I made this lay-out I have by myself so I would like if you don't steal it. Thank you!
♥'s, (kaneel)thee, alice in wonderland, alternative, art, babydolls, babys, barbies, beautiful people, bisexual, black, blood, blutengel, books, boys, boys who kiss eachother, boys who wear makeup, bunnies, butterflies, candles, candy, clothes, colors, concerten, concerts, cookies, corset, corsets, cute things, cybergothic, dancing, daydreaming, dogs, dolls, drawing, dreads, dreams, dressed up kinky, dresses, elegant gothic lolita, elves, emilie autumn, eyeliner, eyes, fairy, fake hair, falls, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, festivals, film, films, flowers, friends, goedkope (tweedehands) cd's, gotika, hello kitty, history, icons, industrial, internet, intervieuw with the vampire, kaarsen, katjes, kittens, kitty ears, kleding, kleding maken, lacrimosa, laughing, lezen, lily cole, lolita, make-up, makeup, making my own clothes, mary janes, maryjanes, mera luna, metal, misdaad, moonlight, movies, music, muziek, mysteryland, nail polish, nails, necklaces, night, orginele cd's, painting, panter/tijgerprint, parfum, party's, pettycoats, photography, photos, pictures, piercings, pink, platformboots, punk, queen, reading, rock, rokjes, roses, roze, rozen, rubber duckies, schattige dingetjes, schoenen, secrets, shirts, shoes, short skirts, skirts, sterretjes, sugar, suicide commando, sweet things, tattoos, tea, tekenen, terra gotha, the birthday massacre, the moon, thrillers, tiara, tragic black, uitgaan, vakanties, vampirefreaks, vampires, vlinders, vrienden, vrienden & familie, water/schepijs, white, wings, wonderland, writing, writing in my journal, zeromancer, zingen, zoenen, zonder-jas-buiten-kunnen-lopen-weer, zwart/wit